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O'ahu Food Vacation

Join us for a 3-day guided food tour around the island of O'ahu. We'll take you to the bakeries, plate lunch stands and iconic eateries which make this island truly a Food Paradise. We'll also take you to the "Locals-only" type places which you probably wouldn't find on your own. 

Think of it as a non-stop eating tour of Hawaii's greatest culinary hits exploring how the various cuisines which immigrated here formed the melting pot known as "Local-kine grinds".

Whether this is your first visit of if you've been here many times, you will be surprised, delighted and satisfied with the diversity and deliciousness of the food and the aloha of the people serving it to you!

Space is extremely limited. Airfare and accommodations can be arranged for you as well. Please inquire for available dates, packages and rates.

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