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What is a food tour & how much will we be eating?

A food tour is typically a guided tour where the guests are able to sample various tastes throughout the event. Think of it as a progressive walking meal. Each tour is different, but we will normally stop at 4-6 places on the tour. We may eat more at some places than others, but you will not be hungry at the end. Our tour guests often bring home food at the conclusion of the tour!

What makes your food tours different?

Most food tours have a preset itinerary, regardless of the group. Typically these involve the same tastes at predetermined restaurants for a set period of time. With our tours, we strive to make each tour unique by getting to know our guests  and tailoring the tour to their specific tastes.

How long do your tours last?

There are no set time frames for our tours. We base the duration of the tour on the amount of time the guests have, what they want to see and what places and time we feel we need to provide the best possible tour. Typically we would spend at least 4 hours on a tour, but they can be shorter or even longer depending on the guests.

How much do the tours cost?

 Since each tour is different and based on the info we get from you, the prices will depend on what you want to do. A good baseline is $169 per person which includes the cost of all the food you will be eating on the tour. There are options to go up or down from there depending on duration of the tour, type and amount of food, and whether or not alcohol is requested. Another way is to let us know how much you want to spend, and we can design the itinerary around that.

What if we have food allergies or picky eaters in our group?

Usually neither is a problem as long as we know in advance a little more about your group. We can almost always work around most allergies, tastes or dislikes on each tour if we know about them prior. Whether your entire group are vegetarians, or if you will have younger guests attending, we can come up with a menu to suit all palates.