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Take a trip back in time as you discover a different side to one of San Francisco's oldest neighborhoods! Amid all the trinkets and souvenirs, you will see the remnants of Chinatown's Gold Rush-era past as well as it's modern day future. Eating your way through the alleys and markets while listening to and meeting many of the shopkeepers, restaurateurs and residents of this historic enclave, you will be amazed by many pleasant surprises along the way!

Love food? Would you be surprised to find a Michelin starred restaurant in the heart of Chinatown?

Architecture buff? Let us know and we'll be sure to point out the many notable buildings most folks overlook on their visit, including a Julia Morgan designed masterpiece.

Fascinated by True Crime stories? Let us take you back to Chinatown's sordid past to see the bordellos and gambling houses of yore, and hear tales of the Tong wars which once gripped the area in fear. You may even see some of the notorious underworld figures of today.

Have a wide range of ages in your group? No problem, we're used to that. We'll show you sights from the Golden Age of Chinatown as well as the most Instagrammable spots of today, all while enjoying the best food and drink the neighborhood has to offer!

We may stop for a soup course at the oldest restaurant in Chinatown, then head on to a local favorite specializing in Chinese "soul food", then grab the best 'Blue collar" dim sum in the city, stumble into a dive serving the finest roasted pig and duck, then onto Chinatown's most modern eatery for cocktails and dessert.

The itinerary is as fluid as your group's taste, time & budget and your preferences will determine how the tour goes. Don't be afraid to let us know what you want to see, do, or eat!

This is the tour which we have become famous for!

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